Why is Kaspersky Banned? 


Kaspersky is one of the most popular names in the world of ANtivirus providers. Since 1997, the company has achieved huge success and name in the antivirus industry. The demand of Kaspersky Antivirus Solution in Russia is very high as it is the Russian company. There are more than 400 million people who trust Kaspersky Antivirus Solutions. The company continuously earned huge revenues as the year passed. But recently the Federal Acquisition Regulation Council prohibited the US government to ban the Kaspersky Products. In this article we will read Why is Kaspersky Banned in the US

Kaspersky has been banned because the company has allegations that they are working with the Russian agencies & spies on the government. 

Is Kaspersky Banned in the US?

Is Kaspersky Banned in the US? this is one of the most asked question while dealing with Kaspersky products. everybody wants to know that is it true that kaspersky is banned in US. As of 2017, Kaspersky has been accused of working with the russian Intelligence agencies. And after that on October 1st 2018, the company was banned temporarily. The company did very well at this time period. They have tried a lot to overcome this issue. They claimed that the ban was against the US constitution

After a period of time the ban continues and gets longer and it becomes permanent. Later on Kaspersky Lab can no longer provide security services to any United States government agencies. . 

[Kaspersky Lab] does regularly work with governments and law enforcement agencies around the world with the sole purpose of fighting cybercrime.”

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