What Is Shared Web Hosting?

What Is Shared Web Hosting?

As the name is defining itself shared web hosting, is a type of web hosting where a single server has many segments. When you chose shared web hosting for your site means you will get a server which is divided into many parts. Many user’s websites would be hosted on one single server which means you will get a part of a server. And as we all know that many big companies are there who provides shared web hosting. And some are like Shared Web Hosting Godaddy, Hostgator also servers the Best Shared Web Hosting and many more. You can find many advantages of shared web hosting and some cons of it. But before knowing the pros and cons of shared hosting lets know how shared web hosting works.

Shared Web Hosting

How Does Shared Web Hosting Works?

As we aware of shared web hosting has a single server and hosts many websites on that server. As the server is split into multiple accounts the account holders can manage their websites, emails, and database severally. Basically, you are sharing your server with many users so it also affects the cost of it.

Pros of shared web hosting

  • You can get the necessary tools that help to build, manage and to grow your website
  • Option to build your site with any site builder
  • WordPress, Joomla or other content management system you can choose and can also manage email and can add a database
  • Cheapest web hosting plan than other hosting services.
  • You can add a couple of domains to your account if the company allows.
  • When you feel that your site needs more resources then you can upgrade your plan to higher one that makes it more suitable and convenient for

Cons of shared web hosting

  • You cant be most dependable on shared web hosting because many websites are hosted on a single The fault can happen if any of account holder is using too many resources then it could affect your site.
  • More security issues can arrive in shared web hosting because webmaster can access your HT and can touch your important elements. And there is a risk of your data information from the server.
  • The speed will be slow because having many sites on one server can affect the speed of your site.

Companies That Provides You Shared Web Hosting

There are many companies who serve the best hosting service and provides the best plan of shared web hosting. Let’s know some popular companies that serve you best-shared web hosting to you.

Hosting Provider Price Deal Pros/Cons
Hostinger Hosting $0.99/mo Hostinger Cheap Deal Free SSL Lifetime/ Only Live Chat Available
Godaddy $1 Hosting $1/mo WebHostingPad Hosting Free Domain Name/Costly Renew Rate
WebHostingPad Hosting $1.99/mo WebHostingPad Hosting 99.9% Uptime/Lack of SFTP
Yahoo Small Business Coupon $2.59/mo Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting Best Template Design/Limited Features
$2.75/mo HostGator Cheap Deal Best Pricing/Customized Software
$3.15/mo Fatcow Web Hosting Pricing Plan Month Wise/Irrelevant Upsells Products
$3.25 /mo Ipower Web Hosting Easy Use Dashboard/Lack in Cloud & Reseller Plan
HostPapa Cheapest Hosting $3.95/mo Ipower Web Hosting Transparent Pricing Plan/Traditional Website Interface for User

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