Let’s make it simple to get what is a parked domain. Suppose you have bought a domain but not have associated or linked with any web services like web hosting or email and parked as to use in future. And there are many platforms from where you can park a domain like Hostgator, Bluehost and many more. Here are this guide will help you to know about What Is Parked Domain?

In many cases, users purchase a domain and get started their businesses. Then creates their sites and make it hosted on the internet. But in some cases you like a domain but want to start the site after some time then you can make it parked.

Reasons Why People Parks Their Domains?

There are many reasons why people parks the domain they have bought. It simply means you don’t buy it with the purpose to start it right away. It is like buying something that like but not use it at the same time but in the future.

Hostgator Parked Domain

Buying a domain to make it reserved for later use: it makes sense to buy a domain that you think it can be used in future even you can sell it at a high price. As we know selling domains is going to be a big business platform. Many people buy and sell the domain names on high prices if the domain relates to someone’s business as a premium domain.

To stir up some additional income: making a domain parked can be a good idea than investing your money on some premium domains. You can make your parked domain advertised and can generate some money if any visitor visits and clicks on your parked page.

Don’t have time to start with the new domain: now this one could be a common reason for many users who have parked their domains. It needs to make your domain linked with web services like emails, and get hosted it on the internet. And many web hosts are ready to make your site live with some great hosting deal. And you have to give its proper time that is required so that is one of the reasons why people parks their domains.

What Are Domain Name Parking Services?

Domain parking services give you a platform where you can earn money with some simple steps. Many domain registrars offer free domain parking services. When you register for a domaixn and want to make it parked for future use then the registrar will be reserved and protective for you. Even you can generate income with your parked domain that calls the registrar to generate income.

It is most suitable when you don’t have any web hosting account. And comes with many great advantages lie you can earn money from it. You might be confused about what is parked domain & domain parking? Let’s find out the difference between it.

Hostgator Parking Domain

Difference Between Domain Parking & Parked Domain?

In domain parking, you will not have the control of the domain you have parked and waiting to use in the future. You won’t have been any idea what has been done with your domain name. On another side when you have parked domain you will get full control on your parked domain. Even you can monitor all the activities that are happening with your domain.

How to create a parked domain in Hostgator?

Let’s find out the steps to create a parked domain in Hostgator.

  • Go to the domain section click on the icon “parked domain” you will be directed to the page automatically.
  • Type the domain that you want to park in the text input box
  • Now tap the button “Add Domain”

Now it might be clear about the concept of the parked domain. And what is the difference between the parked domain and parking domain? You can follow the steps with Hostgator Parked Domain Services & can park your domain with ease.