A domain name is an identity on the internet that represents you and your business. the Domain Name is universally understood by people and web servers. You always need a domain name whenever you are going to start your online business or else. So that everybody can easily find you on the internet by typing your domain name on their preferred search engine. A domain name plays an important role in your online business. It is a name to your site that helps to find your site on the internet and anyone can easily recognize you with ease. Domain Name Registration is quite varied on its extension. As we know that “.com” is the most common extension and that affordable one.

What Is Domain Name
  • The domain name is separated by a dot that we call extension example .com this is the most common extension and cheaper than a specific country domain name.
  • It is a section of the URL that we type in our browser to identify a website.
  • A domain name is TLD (top-level domain name) when it follows the dot, for example, .gov is the top-level domain for the US government.
  • DNS is the internet server that covert IP address in the domain name’s background in alphanumerical form. That makes it more easy to recognize a website.

Why Do We Need To Register A Domain Name For Website?

We can say that domain name registration is an act to get reserved your preferred domain name. it might be difficult to get your favorite domain name with your preferred extension. So there is a need to get registered your domain name for your website before it registered by another person. You can get the use of domain analyzing tools before proceeding ahead choosing a domain name.

And you can also use subdomains as there are so many companies that provide you subdomains name. When once you purchased your domain name then nobody can register if you just need to renew your domain at a particular time of limit.

How A Domain Name Affects Your Business

  • A domain name gives reliability to your small business
  • Adds mobility to your internet presence
  • A domain name that relates your business to attract visitors
  • A domain name makes your business a brand