Dedicated web hosting is the type of web hosting where you buys the entire server that is housed in a data center. A server where you don’t have to share your server resources with any other person’s site. The owner of the server has the complete control on the server and allowed to manage it. Dedicated hosting is good for WordPress sites huge traffic. There is a long list of Dedicated Web Hosting Server providers on the internet and provides their Best-dedicated web hosting plans. A dedicated server is ideal for big websites that have much high traffic on the site. Users are allowed to customize and configure it to fulfill their own requirements. But the dedicated plans also comes with managed and unmanaged plans so it would be easy for them who wants managed server.

Dedicated web hosting

Why Dedicated Web Hosting Is Best For Your Site?

If you are having a big site like e-commerce sites where the traffic come with large volume, a dedicated server is best for you. Here you will find certain freedom and control that you could be unable to find with another hosting.

Some advantage of hiring dedicated web hosting service

  • A unique and dedicated IP address
  • More reliability
  • High performance
  • Full control and more flexibility
  • More secure compared to shared hosting

Dedicated hosting gives you many features and services that would be ideal for your website. Customization control and stability that ensures the websites and businesses are functioning 100% of the time. Some web hosting companies serve you the best services and support like anti-virus and firewall assortment. Extreme speed, fast provisioning, RAID storage, Root access, storage upgrades and dedicated support all these functions that bring maximum power to your site.

Properties Of Dedicated Server

  • High RAM memory
  • High Disk space
  • CPU resources
  • Remote placate connection
  • ductility software installation
  • expensive one compared to shared hosting

Some Popular Companies That provide Dedicated Web Hosting

Here are some leading companies that serve the best dedicated hosting services and plans.