Clip Studio Paint is one of the best digital painting software. From providing its users with advanced features which open new possibilities for them to having a comfortable, easy-to-use interface that lets artists use their capabilities to the full extent, CSP is ideal software.

Another thing that makes it a good software is the CSP extensions, clip studio paint pro & ex are better versions of the software. Both these versions can greatly improve the user experience of artists and make things easier. 

When it comes to the pro & ex extensions, a CSP update has always made things easier & better for digital artists worldwide. When it comes to the CSP features, what the users are given always precedes the previous versions. Users of clip studio paint can update their software by buying clip studio paint pro & can further that development with clip studio paint ex. The only step between these extensions is updating them, which only requires some basic understanding.

If you are wondering about how to update clip studio paint pro to ex, then this article will help you as it covers everything about this topic & some additional information too.

How Do I Update Clip Studio Paint Pro To Ex?

It doesn’t take much to update Clip Studio Paint Pro to Ex, but if you don’t know what to do then you can possibly do some damage. So before you move forward you should know the process for updating CSP pro to ex

If you want to upgrade clip studio paint then you need to be on its website, any update between any extensions requires a license number that identifies which version of the software is permitted to you. 

If you want a CSP update then you need to be on the. There you can purchase the CSP ex version by following these steps.

  • Insert serial number in the given section
  • Pay for the clip studio paint ex lifetime or the monthly subscription
  • Check your email to find your confirmation link for the CSP update
  • Activate your CSP update 

So, these are the simple steps to get access to how to update Clip Studio Paint Pro to Ex

Difference Between CSP Pro & Ex

Upgrading your clip studio paint can be a big deal & you can have a hard time using it after knowing that there is another upgrade available. If you are someone who has taken the clip paint pro update & is wondering if purchasing the Ex version will be beneficial then this section will cover the differences between the two versions. This will surely help you in deciding how to update Clip Studio Paint Pro to Ex. Let’s discuss below the features of Clip Studio Paint Pro or ex, so you will get to know it better.

Both extensions of the CSP contain the advanced features of the previous one. The CSP pro version is the advanced version of CSP & the CSP ex is the advanced version of CSP pro. 

CSP Pro features:

  • All the features of the basic CSP
  • Features for creating single-page illustrations & comics
  • 24 frames per second for animation

CSP Ex features:

  • All the features of CSP pro
  • Features for multi-page products
  • Unlimited frames for animation
  • Capable of printing multiple pages
  • Able to import & export files

The features are given above clearly state that CSP ex is superior to CSP pro, but what you need to know is that between these extensions there is a pricing gap. With every update, users have to pay a certain amount to unlock the advanced features. If you are skeptical about the price of CSP then you should read the next section to help yourself.

Along with the features, you can also read Clip Studio Paint pros and cons to understand the software better.

is CSP ex better than CSP pro

While it is definitely better than the CSP pro it might not be for everyone. What you need to know is that the basic CSP version is enough for any artist, its features are advanced enough. When it comes to the CSP extensions all they do is offer advanced features which are directed at a more targeted audience that has different needs and are able to pay more. The CSP ex may offer more features but you would just be wasting your money if you don’t need it, so before you end up buying the Clip studio paint ex lifetime, you should make sure that you will need it. Knowing what you need can save you from any unnecessary purchases, even if what you are spending on is one of the best digital painting software. 

CSP ex at a discounted rate

If you are out to download clip studio paint ex then you should be aware of the fact that you can always save your money when buying software. When it comes to buying CSP ex at discounted rates, you can save a lot of money depending on how much you are trying. You can use Clip Studio Paint Discount Code to update Clip Studio Paint Pro to Ex at an affordable price.

If you are looking for a discount for buying CSP ex then you should spend some more time reading about it online & lookout for any links which can provide you a discount for CSP ex. 

Is CSP Ex used by professionals?

CSP Ex offers features through which professional artists can handle big tasks like making comic books & manga. Also, you can do animation to a much greater extent with the EX version. With CSP ex you can also import & export your files.  

Which pricing plan of CSP ex is best?

If you are certain about the clip studio paint ex lifetime then you should purchase it, one downfall of this decision is that if a better version comes along through which more things are possible then you would be using an obsolete version, changing this version would mean losing money. You should opt for the monthly version if you need its services for only a short time.

Is CSP ex easy to use?

CSP ex is a beginner-friendly software but the advanced features which it offers are certainly not suitable for beginners, so you should make sure that you have the skills to handle this CSP update.

How many computers can I install clip studio ex?

You can connect up to two devices with a single subscription.