Web Hosting Types

Buying a  web hosting service for your site usually depends on what kind of a site you are having. First, you must clear about what kind of website you have or gonna build. It is an e-commerce site, your personal blogging site or else. It might be a bit confusing too with knowing that how many Types of Hostings are there and how they work. Our this article will help you to eliminate your confusion and you will be able to choose one perfect web hosting. As we know that there are many companies who serve you the Best web hosting and offers you their Best Cheap Web Hosting Plans. Let start with knowing that how many types of web hosting are there.

Types Of Web Hosting

Here is a brief Information about the types of web hosting is there. Segments of the web the hosting that divided according to your website requirements. Before proceeding ahead you must have been read about the What is Web Hosting which clarifies your vision.

Types of Web Hosting

Dedicated Web Server

as you can identify it by its name “dedicated server” simply means that the server which is completely yours and you don’t have to share it with another person. When you go with the dedicated server it means you have bought a web space where you would have a control panel. And you can manage it how you want it to handle. Usually, it is more beneficial when your business grows and getting lots of website traffic

shared Web hosting

when you are going with a shared web hosting it means that you are buying a particular space of a server for your site. Generally, it is good for the personal site and small site. Shared web hosting is the most inexpensive hosting. But on the other side, you can’t expect higher performance with this server. It might affect the performance of your own site. This is a server that hosting many sites and you don’t have control on the panel.

Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller web hosting is a better way to make money, here you can host your own client’s website. And reseller web hosting comes with some great features and technical controls. Also can find free website templates and hosting company will handle your client’s technical issues.

Cloud Web Hosting

cloud hosting server is the advanced technology and a platform where hundreds of servers work to together individually. And this web hosting well for a big site like e-commerce sites and it is more reliable too.

Managed Web hosting

More technical support and fully managed to host as you can read by the name “managed web hosting”.  Your site will be under experienced webmaster and if they would be Incharge of every technical. It could be an expensive one but you can trust on this web hosting.

so it might be clear to you now that what kind of web hosting would be perfect for your site and why you should get one. And So let your site be popular all over the world and make some money with it. Get your site hosted and make your online identity.