Are you on the hunt for your first web hosting service? It’s a relatively straightforward process, even for beginners. But there are mistakes that many people make when signing up for a web hosting plan for the first time. To avoid these pitfalls, read through the following common mistakes so you know what to avoid when hunting for the perfect web hosting service.

Choosing A Web Host Just Because It’s Free

From the surface, free sounds great. But when it comes to web hosting, free usually doesn’t equate to quality service. If you are in need of high-quality web hosting to support your online presence, it would be a mistake to opt for a free hosting service.

Instead, take advantage of discounts and coupons that can save you big money on the price of web hosting. Sites like hosting sonar can save you from ever having to pay full price for web hosting. Opting for a discount on a full-price service plans ensures you get the type of web hosting you need.

Signing Up for the Wrong Type of Hosting Plan

Speaking of types of web hosting, another common mistake when signing up for a web hosting service is choosing the wrong type of hosting plan. The most common types of web hosting plans are shared, dedicated, and VPS hosting. If you’re signing up for a web hosting service for the first time, you will probably want a shared hosting plan. But if you’re expecting high traffic, VPS or dedicated hosting may be for you.

Make sure you read about each of the plans offered by a web host before signing up for one, to be sure you are getting the type of web hosting services you need.

Choosing A Web Host Without Reading Reviews

Would you invite business into your home and trust them with your personal information without reading reviews first? Probably not. The same kind of research should be conducted before signing up for a web hosting plan.

Visit multiple sites to read real customer reviews about your prospective web hosting company. Pay attention to what is being said about the company’s overall performance, security issues, and customer service.

Signing Up for Web Hosting Without Testing Their Customer Support

Even customers of the highest-quality providers will experience occasional web hosting problems. In the event of an issue, you want to have confidence in the customer support team assigned to help you.

Before you sign up for a web hosting plan, test the efficiency of the company’s customer support. Many companies offer support via live chat, email, and phone. Reach out to a team member through one of their communication channels and ask them a couple of basic questions about web hosting or their services.

A good customer support team should respond in a reasonable amount of time and provide you with the information you are looking for.

Not Understanding Restrictions

In the world of web hosting, there is such a thing as too good to be true. At the end of the day, a company is doing everything it can to gain more customers. This includes offering plans with “unlimited” bandwidth. Unfortunately, a bit of research will reveal that as you get close to a specific bandwidth limit, the company might begin to slow down your site to accommodate the user.

Other common restrictions that aren’t always stated clearly include:

  • Only one POP account
  • Installation of your own software not allowed
  • No SSH

Try doing a little research on the company’s site or reading through their terms of service to get a better idea of what restrictions may be in place.

Signing Up for A Web Host That Doesn’t Offer A Refund Guarantee

When signing up for web hosting for the first time, you will want the peace of mind of a refund guarantee. Most web hosting companies have some kind of refund policy that allows new customers to get their money back if they are unhappy with the services or learn they no longer need them.

Before signing up with a web host, find out what kind of refund policy they have. There’s a good chance you may not need it, but you’ll certainly want it just in case.