Kaspersky Total Security Review 2021 – Features & Pricing

Kaspersky Total Security Review 2021 – Features & Pricing

Kaspersky lab is well-known and trusted in computer security providers. The company deals with several security products. But currently, the most featured and top-rated product is Kaspersky Total Security Review. Total security is popular because it has excellent advanced features that can protect completely from any kind of threats or viruses. The total security is the latest suit available in Kaspersky lab and it is full of advanced features.

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That is why it is known as one of the best security software out there.  The company brings every security feature under one plan that is why it is called total security. It has all the ability to defend your system and prevent illegal activities to your computer. It has some effective tools that help you to improve your productivity. The features that come with it can enhance the performance of your online work or offline as well. Get al the amazing security solution in one package.

Kaspersky Total Security Detection

About The Review

The Detailed Kaspersky Total Security Review is going to be informative for people looking for the best security available. We will be covering all the important information about the Kaspersky total security software with the pros and cons as well. You will get to know all the tools, features, and working criteria of total security.  Also, we will consider the overall performance and storage consumption of the software. The questions like does it affect the speed of the device? Or does it provide any type of harm to the device? And many more like this will be answered here. Read carefully so that you can decide the best security for your computer.

Features Kaspersky Total Security

The program contains a lot of features. It comes with features that prevent your device and the tools are highly organized to perform well. if any threat or irrelevant activities happen the security software detects is immediately and destroys it. You might be thinking that what these features are?. We will cover all the features in detail but before that here are some features that you will get in total security. These are:

Kaspersky Total Security Awar Winning

  • It is an Award-Winning security software
  • Provides security for multi-devices & Platform
  • Includes Kaspersky Safe Kids Premium- Free
  • A Smart & Secure VPN- Free
  • Excellent Privacy Protection
  • Safer Online transaction
  • Includes Premium Password Management for Free
  • All Files, Photos, & Data Protection
  • Fast & Light Security provider
  • Ease of Use
  • Password Manager

Pros & cons


  • It provides overall protection whether it is online as well as offline
  • Anti-phishing
  • Provides complete Parental Control over your kid’s device
  • The Best Firewall Protection
  • Cloud and Local backups available


  • Mac suite has limited feature as compare to Windows suite
  • iOS protection is limited
  • Little bit expensive as compare to other Kaspersky products

Why Choose Kaspersky Total Security?

It provides complete protection to your device either online prevention or offline. It has everything that you need for your Device security that is why it is called total security. Here, you get Antivirus, a secure VPN, password manager, parental control, safe transaction, and many other very useful tools in one package. So it is much better than any other security version.  Also, it is the most popular and latest product of the Kaspersky lab that includes excellent advanced features. It’s features that can beat any kind of security threat within a few seconds or minutes. Hence, choosing total security is might be a good move for your computer’s safety and security. Kaspersky Total Security provides complete protection to your device in all the security aspects. It has all the features and technologies that make your device fully secure and monitored. In a single license, you will get several tools. It is a combined security solution that includes both Kaspersky Antivirus and Kaspersky Internet Security in one suit.

Password Manager

Kaspersky gives a free password manager on its total security. A strong password management system that secures your password and defends illegal access. A safe password storing and managing tool that allows you to keep multiple passwords with full of safety. It works for all types of devices Windows, iOS, Android, etc. it includes a password generator that generates a strong password for you.

Privacy Protection

Privacy protection feature protects and hides your contacts, call history, text messages, and your secrets. By the privacy protection, you can make a list of contacts that you want to keep secret. Also, you can block the call, text messages, or any incoming notification from the selected contacts.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky safe kids is a tool that protects your children’s device. It gives you full access to your kid’s device and you can control the time that your kid spends on the internet. You Set a limit of using the device or internet on kid’s mobile. You have access to your kid’s online activities. Watch the activity of the social network of your kid. It provides you the location of your kid so that you can track him. Also, you have control over applications installation. You will get the detailed activity report of your child’s device.

Smart and Secure VPN

Package includes a Smart and securer VPN that prevents the original identity of your IP address and protects from unauthorized access.  You can make a secure connection to other networks or public networks through a secure VPN. It makes your browsing activity safe and secure.

Protection for Multi Devices & Platform

Kaspersky total security provides security for multi-devices and defends viruses and threats. It brings ultimate security for windows, mac, and android devices. The security system is capable to protect any platform or device against viruses and threats. It is the best security solution for any device or any platform.

Pricing Of Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky Total Security package includes all the security features and tools in one suit. The company made it more affordable for the customers by combining all security features in one package.  This total security plan costs $50 For up to 5 Devices per year and $75 for 10 devices. It is a reasonable price for the overall security of your device. You can also check the offers here in the Kaspersky Total Security Coupon Code through which you can get the plan at a discounted price and reduce your expenses.

Kaspersky Total Security Pricing Plans

Some Important Features of  Kaspersky Total Security

Total security is a security solution that includes several useful features and tools combined in one security package. Also, it is one of the latest and popular security software solution from the Kaspersky Lab.  Here are some features mentioned below that total security includes to provide a strong shield against viruses, malware, and other types of threats.

  • Multilayered Defense Engine– Multilayered Defence engine prevents malware and other threats. It is designed to protect devices through Real-Time Antivirus, Automatic Exploit Prevention, Trojan Remover, Instant Threat Detection.
  • High Tech Protection– It is an advanced tool that quickly detects malware, viruses, and threats. It works with the tools like Malicious Link Detector, Malware Defender, Trusted Application Mode, Custom Hardened Browser.
  • Anti-Hacking– It defends access of hackers into your device and data. It also defends from tracking and any unauthorized activity on your devices. It brings features like Two-Way Firewall, Payment Protection, Anti-Ransomware, App-lock.
  • Privacy Protection– It provides encrypted personal and browsing data to protect you from the cybercriminals and hackers. It ensures your safety through VPN, Anti-Phishing, Privacy Browsing, Webcam Protection.

Kaspersky Total Security Features


Does Kaspersky Total Security include Firewall Protection?

Yes, the total security provides Firewall that protects your connections to the other networks, local networks. And the firewall ensures safety for your every connection on the internet. It filters the outgoing and incoming traffic and blocks illegal connections or communications.

How to install Kaspersky Total Security?

There are some simple steps for the installation of Kaspersky Total Security. Follow the steps given below one by one the steps are:

  1. First of all, you have to download the installation package from the official website of the Kaspersky or the package is also available on the link in the email that you have received from the online store.
  2. Now if you have downloaded the plan then the next step is running the Installer.
  3. You may have to wait for a while when the system is searching for a new application that has been completed. You can also skip the process and jump to the next page.
  4. Look at the End User License Agreement and move forward to continue the next step.
  5. Now, look at the Kaspersky Security Network Statement and then continue through the checkbox if you agreed on the terms and conditions.
  6. After Enabling all the required Settings then Click on Apply.
  7. Finally Click Done
  8. Here is your total security is ready to use.

You can renew your license by purchasing a new activation code available on the Kaspersky total security window.  There bis a licensing window through which you can purchase an activation code to renew your license again.

Does Kaspersky Total Security include VPN?

Yes, total security has the Secure VPN that prevents your identity from online threats by using public networks. VPN encrypts the traffic from your device to another device. A strong VPN that hides your IP address and makes secure network connections through public WIFI or any other network. use Kaspersky Coupon Code for a discount on VPN.

Our verdict

After all the information that shred above, we concluded that the Kaspersky Total security is more effective and more productive. Because it has all the features of Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky  Antivirus. Also, it is the latest product and the most popular from the Kaspersky Lab. The features and tools provided here are the most effective.  The security system is highly customized and organized to protect your device whether it is offline or online. The advanced features at a low cost is also one of the major reason to choose this. Because we get here the combined features of two security suits. So you have to consider one thing that the total security includes everything that you need for the overall protection of your device whether it is windows, android, mac os.

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