Both Ivacy and ExpressVPN are popular VPN providers which provide their services all over the globe. You can access geo-restricted content effortlessly by using any on the VPN from ExpressVPN and Ivacy. Both have some similarities and differences too that we will read in this side-by-side comparison of ivacy and ExpressVPN. So let’s dig about the ivacy vs ExpressVPN comparison a bit more and read all things about them to buy a better VPN service.

Price Comparison of Ivacy and ExpressVPN

The starting price of ivacy VPN is $9.95 per month where you have to pay the same amount every year. On the other hand, ExpressVPN allows you to get its starting pack for $12.95.

The other plans of ivacy VPN are one and two-year plans which are so cheaper to buy. With ExpressVPN services you can buy its 6 months and 1-year plan if you want to use it for the long-term.

Features: ExpressVPN vs ivacy VPN

Both ExpressVPN and ivacy have similar features but still, there are some differences that you can read below here.

  • Anonymous Browsing: With ExpressVPN and ivacy VPN you can easily browse any thing you want anonymously.
  • DNS Leak Protection: Ivacy provides you DNS leak protection when it comes to ExpressVPN, you will not get DNS to leak protection.
  • Kill Switch: Either you choose ivacy VPN or ExpressVPN, both will provide you the kill switch service with their VPNs.
  • Peer To Peer: ExpressVPN does not have a peer-to-peer service for users but if you choose ivacy VPN then you can easily get the benefit of it.
  • Remove Access: Both ExpressVPN or ivacy VPN will avail you of the remote control service to use their VPN effortlessly.
  • Log-Policy: ExpressVPN provides you a no-logs policy where no one can watch what you are doing online. The same ivacy has a zero log policy for the same reason and benefits.

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Who Have More servers and Locations: ExpressVPN vs ivacy

ExpressVPN has 3000+VPN servers in 160+ locations or 94 countries. If you look at the ivacy servers then it has 3500+ servers in 100 locations which are more than ExpressVPN. It does not doubt that ivacy will give you more servers than ExpressVPN. But wait till the end for the last results and know which is better between ivacy and ExpressVPN.

Support Devices: ExpressVPN vs Ivacy Comparison

ExpressVPN vs Ivacy Device Comparison

Various users have different devices on which they want to use VPN services. So let’s check and compare the ExpressVPN and Ivacy VPN supporting devices.

DevicesExpressVPNIvacy VPN
Amazon Fire StickYesYes
Apple TVYesNo

How Many Devices You Can Connect With ExpressVPN and Ivacy VPN?

In the comparison of ivacy and ExpressVPN, it can be so important to know how many devices you connect with both. So with the ivacy services, you can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously. On the other hand, ExpressVPN allows you to connect and use only 5 devices at the same time.

Ivacy vs ExpressVPN Customer Support

ExpressVPN allows its customers to get an answer of their any question 24/7. You can use its live chat support which has specially trained executives to solve your problem. The express VPN also avails you of an email support service to help you out with emails.

If you compare ExpressVPN and Ivacy VPN support services then you may find ivacy better. Ivacy VPN also has video tutorials and a FAQ section to provide you with a direct answer to your question.

As an addition you also have a choice to get help with its 24/7 live chat and email support. So according to us if you want to buy VPN according to its support service then ivacy will be the best choice.

ExpressVPN and Ivacy VPN Netflix Service Comparison

If you are thinking about streaming Netflix with ivacy and ExpressVPN then wait. If you read both VPN official sites then you don’t get any information about the Netflix streaming service. Although we tested both of them and how that only ExpressVPN is able to bypass Netflix. So, if you are looking to get Netflix Free Trial then ExpressVPN can be a great choice for you. And with ExpressVPN you can get this Netflix VPN at a very low price.

Which Is Better Between Ivacy and ExpressVPN?

After comparing both ivacy and ExpressVPN we conclude that ivacy is the better ExpressVPN for your needs. ExpressVPN can be your ideal if you only need a VPN service for the long term. But if you want to buy a VPN at cheap prices then ivacy is the better option.