Phone hacking increases rapidly as the role of the internet increase in your life. Some solutions can also be solved by you to unhack phone apps or numbers. If you are looking for how to unhack my phone and how to remove hackers from my phone. Then, this article helps you a lot to solve your query and is useful for you to know the causes of phone tracking. 

Top 8 Reasons Of Traced Phone

These are some reasons which help hackers to access your phone and steal information. Because of all these cases, you have to face big online threats with your phone and the data which is stored in it. If you have done anything which is given below then this article is useful to know that how to unhack your phone.

  • Your phone can be hacked if you click on some links which can be harmful to you. It is because these links may store malware or any other virus to harm your phone. 
  • Hackers can access your phone when you use public Wi-fi. To prevent this, you can use some useful codes to unhack your phone. 
  • Hacking can also be done when you download any data through an internet connection.
  • It can also happen when you receive any data from the connectivity of Bluetooth from any other device user. 
  • Your phone may also get traced when you enter your E-mail or Phone number at the time of signing up to run some apps. So, you should be aware that what to do if your phone is hacked and take some precautions. 
  • Your phone also gets hacked if you tell someone your phone number on call. 
  • Your phone can also be get hacked if any user gives you the new jack while switching SIM cards. 
  • Hackers can also spy on your activities when they get the login and passwords of your phone.

If you have done anything which is mentioned above and now looking for that how do I know if my phone is hacked? Then, you may see some signs which show that’s your phone gets hacked. 

Some Signs Helps You To Know That Your Phone Is Traced

If you have seen all these signs on your phone then this article is beneficial for you to discover that how to unhack your phone. The users need to know that how to remove a hacker from their phone. 

  • The battery of your phone gets reduced rapidly.
  • Your phone becomes hot instantly.
  • Your missed call gets redirected.
  • Login passwords of your phone may get failed.
  • You may face issues while the opening app of your device.
  • Your phone does not give an effective performance. 
  • You may see some irrelevant activities with the data of your phone.
  • It also changes voice during calls. 
  • Your phone may get hang when you use it. 
  • It may also use your high internet which can also be the sign that your phone gets traced. 

First, you should recognize and notice these symbols on your phone which shows that whether your phone is hacked or not. If you found any one of the signs in your phone then you can try some useful code to check if phone is tapped or not. 

These codes to check hack phone solves your query and confusion regarding phone tracing. But codes vary according to the phone you are using i.e, an Android or iPhone. We have brought out a solution for you to get the answer to that how do I know if my phone is being hacked. 

Code To Check If Phone Is Hacked 2023

Use these codes if you are an Android user, these codes are used to identify whether your phone is traced by someone or not. 

Phone Tapping Code For An Android User

  • *#21#

It shows that someone is tracking your call when your call is ongoing with someone. When you dial *#21# to check code if someone is hacked your android or not. Then, this code is helpful to identify that is anyone spying on your phone or not.

  • *#62#

This *#62# code is used to check if phone is hacked by a hacker by redirecting your call or not. It means someone is receiving your call instead of you. 

  • ##002##

If you don’t know that what to dial to check your phone is hacked or not. Then dial ##002## code to check and this gives you the whole solution. You can discover that is someone listening to your call if someone is answering the call, or msg when your device is switched off. 

  • #31#

Many times hackers can spy on your phone with the help of your phone number. If you want an untraceable phone number then, use this code to make your number private. It means if you call someone then it shows as a private number instead of showing your number. 

  • *#*#4636#*#*

This code is useful to find and fix many issues which arise in your device. This is an advanced level of code that shows some hidden settings of your phone. That shows how you can make a setting to make your phone unhackable.

You have to use this number to dial to see if your phone is tapped or not. 

How To Know If Your iPhone Is Hacked 2023?

If you are using an iPhone and feeling any issue with the security then these are tricks that show that your phone is not safe. These are the simple way to know how to identify and how to unhack your phone. 

  • You can see or analyze some codes which arise on your iPhone when your phone gets hacked.
  • Your iPhone also behaves differently and does not perform perfectly.

How To Remove A Hacker From My iPhone?

Your iPhone contains some hidden settings which you should turn on to protect your device from spying eyes. Now, follow these steps to enable the privacy setting of your iPhone. 

  • Click on the setting on your iPhone,
  • Then, tap on the option of Safari, 
  • After this, click on turn on block pop-ups,
  • Click on prevent cross-site tracing,
  • Now, turn on the fraudulent website warning 
  • Then, finally clear history and website data.


If you are sure that your iPhone is traced and looking for some other ways for how to unhack my iPhone. Then, you can also use these steps. 

  • Visit the Apple ID page
  • Then, you can see the device that is trying to access your device.
  • After this, click and remove that account. 

How To Prevent Phone From Hacking?

You can use these precautions to secure your phone from hacking and uncertain risk which can arise due to tracing. These are that prevention which can easily use by you without charging any fee. It means if you want to know that how to prevent hacking for the protection of your phone use these tips.

  • Do not use public wi-fi if you want to secure your phone from hacking. 
  • Do not click unnecessary links which arise on the website at the time of browsing. 
  • Be aware at the time of opening of E-mail because some E-mails are sent to hack your data. 
  • Delete browsing history or cache data which is useful to remove the risks which are found in your phone. 
  • Auto-update of the phone is the answer to the query of many users who search that my phone was hacked how do I fix it? But, auto-update is also useful before your device gets hacked. 
  • Do not share login passwords of your phone with anyone because it can be harmful to you.
  • Try not to enter your E-mail address or phone number while signing up for any app. 

These are that prevention which you can use without installation of any security software. These precautions are useful before your data gets traced. 

But, for more privacy and to discover that how to unhack my phone, you should have some software. 

Some Useful Software Which Helps To Untraceable Phone App

Tracing of the phone becomes easy for the cyber threats so with the prevention, you should also use software to keep an extra layer of security. You can also get this software free but free is not secure as compared to the paid software. These apps are mostly used to make untraceable phone app. 

Use VPN Software

The use of VPN (virtual private network) software is useful to secure your IP address. It is because many times your phone gets hacked with the help of an Internet Protocol address.  Now, it is best to know the query of how to unhack my phone and secure it from a future tracing of the phone. 

  • VPN is used to hide your real IP address from the protection of spying eyes. A cybercriminal can easily access your phone by using an IP address and leak your activities. 
  • It also encrypts your data when send to your client, which means a hacker cannot hack or spy on your data. 
  • With a single subscription, you can connect and secure your device up to 6 at the same time. 
  • It does not contain logs data which is useful because it makes cyber threats unable to access and steal your data. 

Installation Of Antivirus Software

Antivirus is one of the other software which is used to secure your phone from hacking. It is useful for many users who want to know that how to unhack my phone. Antivirus software work against malware because malware can easily help the cyber threats to access your phone. 

If you have used code to check if phone is hacked then, also in this case Antivirus software is beneficial to use. These are some features of Antivirus software, which shows that it is necessary to use this software. Now, you can see that how to unhack my phone with the use of a mobile phone. 

  • Antivirus software fully scans and removes the malware from your phone. Removal of malware also leads to removing hackers from your phone. 
  • Antivirus software does not allow any other software on your phone. It means your phone is safe from spying eyes.
  • Alert from the malicious site also helps you to know how to remove a hacker from your phone. It is because, with the use of malware, a hacker can easily enter your phone and access your device and also monitor your activities. 
  • Antivirus software automatically blocks malicious ads for the security of your phone. If it happens, it means your phone is secure