How to Modify KnownHost DNS?

How to Modify KnownHost DNS?

Do you want to modify KnownHost DNS? Today, in this article you will get to know clearly what is DNS and how does it work? I hope you all are familiar with the KnownHost, if not let us know. KnownHost is a private and united nation based web hosting provider company. You require for hosting provider to get host your website over the internet. So that visitors can visit on your page and read your content. KnownHost company is a best-hosting provider company. It was started its business in 2006 and now it has 100 servers. It provides services of different types of web hosting in over 150 countries.

That’s why if you are KnownHost’s customer you need to modify KnownHost DNS for your web hosting. But before it is you should know what is DNS?

Let’s come to know What is DNS?

What is DNS

DNS  stands for domain name system, it is hierarchically system in a numerical form. The numerical form is called the IP address example: ( you might know what is the domain. A domain is the identity and address of your site through users come by typing in a search bar. Yes, that word which they type in search bar to find your website is named as a domain name. example:, or Before domain name did not use but only IP address like ( has used. It was difficult to remember by the users and finding the website became critical. This is the reason a DNS came which can convert the domain name into IP address.

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How can you modify DNS in KnownHost?

You can modify KnowHost DNS by the two methods that are WHM and cPanel method.

Method 1:  Web Host Manager

Modify DNS KnownHost by WHM Method

To change the DNS you need to log in your WHM account by entering your username & password. After login, you can modify DNS by your classic theme or your new theme. If you choose a classic theme so there, a “domain function” icon will show to you. Click on the domain function.

If you choose the new theme so there, “Edit DNS Zone” will appear to you and click on this icon. When you will click on this you can easily enter your domain name in the search bar that you want to modify. Click on the edit button to modify it. After into the edit modify the default MX record and add the additional MX record. Do all these and at the last save this setting that you have made. This is how you can modify KnownHost DNS by the method of WHM.

Method 2: cPanel

Modify DNS KnownHost by cPanel Method

If you want to modify DNS so by the method of cPanel you can modify DNS in KnownHost. To change this you need to log in to your cPanel account. After login goes to the “Zone Editor” so add access in this editor category that is A, CNAME, and MX Records. Once you login to add your access click the “add record” shown in the Zone Editor. After clicking on add record you will see much access to add them in the record such as MX record, SRV record, CAA record, and more. So by clicking on add record it will add and add other records do the same. These are the two methods through which you can easily modify DNS KnownHost. This is important to convert your domain name into the IP address. As you know IP address should be hidden and not appears to the public users. You will get the best features in the web hosting plan of the KnownHost company.

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