How to Install a KnownHost SSL Certificate?

How to Install a KnownHost SSL Certificate?

Installing the KnownHost SSL certificate is easy, it requires to follow some steps. In this article, you will get to know how the SSL certificate is important & how you can install the KnownHost SSL certificate. To get installing you will ask to generate a certificate signing request (CSR). So after sending a request to SSL vendor enter it you are My KnownHost Panel. KnowHost is one of the best hosting provider companies that also provide a free SSL certificate in their plan. There are many KnownHost web hosting plans which included free SSL certificates. So before getting install let us know what is SSL certificate.

What is an SSL Certificate?

What is an SSL Certificate

SSL means a secure socket layer, this is a certificate that allows you to get a secure encrypted connection between the web server and user. The information could be shared between the webs server and the web browser will keep secure. you might HTTP that is hypertext transfer protocol shown in the web address. If “S” has been added in the HTTP as HTTPS so here, S means it is the security an SSL certificate.

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How an SSL Certificate is important?

  • SSL certificate is important to secure your browsing information between web server & user.
  • It protects your data from the attackers who try to leak private details.
  • Helps in improving better search engine ranking. Because a user will not want to stay longer on that page if it is not secure.
  • SSL builds customer trust.
  • Improves conversion rates.

Install SSL Certificate by cPanel

Install SSL certificate by any of the following way:-

  • Install using Token
  • Install using cPanel
  • Install from the web host manager (WHM)
  • Install using certificate files

Install using Token

An SSL that you have been purchased from the KnownHost consists of a Token. To get install using Token easy for you on your hosting plans. Login your KnownHost account and go to the dashboard of the account. Then go to certificate details and there token will be shown on the left with having some letters, number, symbol. So enter there the token that was emailed to you when you purchased SSL and verify it.

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It is completed now, after entering your token and verifying it. Follow some steps ask you to set up SSL.

Installing the SSL certificate with cPanel

Firstly, log-in to your cPanel account, and after login, you will see many icons. Click on the SSL/TLS icon in your cPanel. After clicking the other screen will open and the link appears that is Generate, View, Upload, or Delete SSL  Certificates. Click on this and upload your SSL certificate and fill the form by adding a description & you can also paste it. After saving this follow some steps to set up and go to SSL/TLS then on manage SSL sites. Do your scroller down and install an SSL website. Verify your information including your domain and expiration date and then install the certificate.

Installing from WHM (Web Host Manager)

Install SSL Certificate by WHM

  1. You require to generate a certificate signing request (CSR) to receive a certificate.
  2. Go to WHM account.
  3. Go home in WHM, then click on SSL/TLS icon.
  4. Go to install an SSL certificate on a domain
  5. Upload your certificate, enter private key, and CA bundle.
  6. Now, click on the install button.

Install using Certificate Files

  1. Log-in your DirectAdmin user account.
  2. In your DirectAdmin Panel, go to “Account Manager”.
  3. In account manager, click on the SSL certificate.
  4. Paste private key and certificate, save it.
  5. Set a CA root certificate, if it asks you.
  6. Now, your certificate will install properly.

You have known four basic and easiest way to install an SSL certificate in KnownHost. By cPanel, DirectAdmin, WHM, and Token. You can get a free SSL certificate in your hosting plan you purchases. See also KnownHost Discount Code on hosting packages to save the money. You will SSL certificate and also domain name in almost every KnownHost hosting plans. Install certificate using any one way and protect the data between you and the user. A web user will spend more time on your safe website.

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