Paypal is the easiest App to do online payments. But still, people look at how to Delete Paypal Account On App. Users of Paypal have some specific reasons, that’s why they want to close their account. Because of this, we have brought out how to deactivate the Paypal on Mobile App. Now, in this article, you can get the solution in easy ways.

What To Do Before Closing Paypal on Mobile

If you are facing a problem while deleting your Paypal Account permanently on the Phone. You have to do the following things before log out from Paypal App.

  1. You cannot remove the Paypal Account on App if you have an outstanding balance. First, you have to transfer the money into Paypal App.
  2. If Paypal contains your money then transfer it to the Cash or Bank.
  3. Take a screenshot of the previous history of the Transactions which are made through the Paypal App.
  4. If any other issue arises then, take help from the customer service center.

Steps To Deactivate Paypal on iPhone App

Steps To Delete PayPal Account

Follow these simple steps to know how to delete Paypal account permanently.

Steps To Delete PayPal Account On App

Total Time: 10 minutes

Open PayPal Application on your phone

First, log in to the Paypal App.

Open settings of PayPal application

Click on the “Setting” option on the right side of the top.

Click on account and choose from business or personal

Now Click on the Account, Choose from a Business or Personal Account.

Fill in your bank details

Enter the Bank Account Number, it is necessary.

Click on the close account option

Now just tap on the Close Account.

What To Do If Bank Or Debit/Credit Is Linked With The Paypal App?

If Bank or any other Card is attached with the Paypal Account. Then you can do the following things.

Steps To Remove The Bank from Paypal App

  1. Visit on the Paypal App
  2. Now click on the Profile
  3. Tap on the Setting
  4. Now select the Option Bank to deactivate it from the Paypal Account
  5. Then, Click on the “Close Account”

Steps To Remove Debit/Credit Card from The Paypal

  1. When you log in to the Paypal Account
  2. Tap on the Log Out Option on the right side of the top Corner
  3. Now click on the Setting
  4. Choose the option of Card and remove it
  5. After this, you can click on the option of Close Account

Can You Delete Paypal Account And Make A New One?

We have provided the steps on how to deactivate the Paypal Account on iOS App. You can close the Existing Account and create a new one. But, it has a limitation because once you close the previous account then you can’t get back the history. The old Account of Paypal cannot be reactivated again. A new account is fresh and can sign up with the previous or New E-mail.

Can Paypal Be Trusted?

Paypal is a safe app for online payment. Once you have logged out and close your account permanently. After this, if someone tries to log in to the Paypal App with the help of your E-mail. Then, they cannot get the history of your online transactions or any other information. It means your details are secured from the prying eyes.

Can Paypal Be Hacked?

If in any condition Paypal Account can be hacked then you can use the VPN Software. VPN can help you to hide online activities from hackers or encrypts the details. So, protect the Paypal activities or login data from Cyber Threats.

How To Delete Paypal Account Without Logging In?

If you don’t apply the Password on the Paypal app then you can directly get access to the Account. Go, to the Profile option which is given above. Now, tap on the Setting and Enter Required details like Bank Account Number. Paypal only required your Bank Account Number if your App is linked with the Bank otherwise, there is no need. If you have sorted out all the issues, now you can remove the Paypal App on Mobile.

How To Delete Paypal History?                                                                         

The history of Online Transaction of Paypal Account can be removed from Android App while click on closing the account. It is useful for carrying transactional details for the long term. You can only remove it when you have close the Account.

What Happens To My Money If I Close My Paypal Account From My Android?

If you delete your Paypal Account without withdrawing the money then, this App can’t refund your money. This step can lead to a high amount of loss so, transfer or withdraw money before doing this. Do shopping and pay from Paypal or use Codes that are remaining in the Paypal App.