Apex server is an amazing choice for Minecraft gamers. It is easy to create a game server on Apex, according to your own needs and requirements. However, Apex hosting might not be the right choice for all your gaming needs. In this article, we will read about How to Cancel Apex Hosting.

Why do users want to cancel Apex Hosting Subscription?

Apex hosting is one of the best options on the internet available, especially for Minecraft Hosting.

Yet there are many circumstances leading to which you might want to get away with the subscription of apex Hosting, such as-

  • You want to upgrade your plan- In order to upgrade to a better plan with more features, you will have to cancel your previous plan. 
  • Bad Experience- Minecraft hosting is meant for players who wish to play with a good connection so that their game does not lag. However, if a player did not have a good experience, he may want to cancel his subscription. 
  • You want to switch to a different hosting- You might have got some offer or features from a different hosting service provider and thus you might want to switch to that. For that, you need to cancel Apex Minecraft hosting subscription.
  • You want to have your own Hosting Server- 

So if you have to download Apex Minecraft world but there are some limitations to the subscription of Apex Hosting. Then you might have to Cancel Apex Minecraft Hosting Subscription. 

Some of these shortcomings are mentioned below-

  • The number of languages available in Apex Hosting is limited.
  • It does not provide the feature of native support for printing any kind of document.
  • You cannot create temporary files with Apex Hosting.
  • The elements of Hosting are not visible on the user interface.
  • The default functionality of Apex Hosting cannot be altered by any developer.  
  • The organization of the hosting platform Apex is not desirable by some users, as there is a problem in finding configuration options sometimes. 
  • It does not have an offline mode. 
  • The themes and tools which make your website dynamic are limited with Apex hosting, as compared to other hosting service providers. 
  • There is no provision of integration with databases such as My SQL, etc. 
  • The mobile version of Apex hosting lacks some features which are found in many other hosting apps. 

Therefore, if any of these limitations are troubling you, you need not worry as in this article, we will read everything you need to know in order to Delete Apex Hosting

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Steps to Cancel Apex Hosting

If you want to Cancel the Apex Minecraft Hosting Subscription that you purchased, you can do so by following these steps-

  1. Open the website. Click on the login section. 
  2. Fill in your credentials and log in. Open the billing section. 
  3. Click on the option “services”. 
  4. Go on the server which you want to deactivate (Minecraft in this case) and click “Active”. 
  5. Click on the button “Request Cancellation”. After that, you will need to give the reason why you want to cancel the subscription. 
  6. You will be taken to a page that will display a confirmation message that your subscription has been canceled. 

How to delete Apex Hosting Account?

Deleting your account from Apex hosting is something that you cannot do for yourself. In the process of deleting your account, there are two different cases-

  • You have a multicraft account only- you need to send a ticket for account deletion to Apex in order to get your account deleted. If you have a multicraft account, you do not need to log in to the portal in order to send the ticket with your request for account deletion. 
  • You have a Minecraft hosting account- in order to send the ticket for the deletion of your account from Apex, you will have to log in to your billing panel, and then send the ticket from that platform. 

Once the ticket is raised, the team of apex hosting will work on your request. You will get a confirmation mail and after you confirm your request, your account will be deleted. 

If you are no longer using your Apex Minecraft hosting account, it is advisable to delete your Apex Hosting account along with the data. If your data is online, it poses a great risk to you and your information. Thus you should make sure that all your data is also removed from the internet before deleting your account.  

Do you get a refund after apex hosting cancellation?

Canceling your subscription with Apex hosting does not mean that you are eligible for a refund. The refund process is initiated only for the customers who chose to cancel the services within 7 days of purchasing them. Also, it is only applicable to the first-time subscriber. 

If you are eligible for a refund by Apex hosting, it will be initiated and given back to your source account, within a given TAT. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Apex Hosting safe to use?

Compared to many other hosting services that generally come with various types of risks, Apex Hosting is a safe and secure hosting service. This is because it is comparatively small and regularly upgrades itself against new threats. 

Is Apex Hosting free to use?

There is no free version of Apex Hosting. However, when you buy a subscription, you can get a sub-domain name for free with it.