Before know that it is offering a free SSL certificate or not, you need to know about the Hostinger company. This company has been founded in 2004 and since then it has won the trust of millions of users. Hostinger gives power to the website all over the world in different countries. You can buy any web hosting plans, domain names, and a lot of things that require to maintain your website. In this article, you will get to know the Hostinger free SSL certificate.

Hostinger offers an SSL Certificate or Not?

Yes, of course, the Hostinger offers the SSL certificate along with a Free domain name registration and cheap SSL certificate. But you know actually what is SSL and why do you need this or you can eliminate this or not? If you have a business either small, medium, or large to generate more sales you need a website & their hosting services. Let us know about the SSL certificate.

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What is meant by an SSL Certificate?

What is SSL certificate

SSL stands for Secure Socket layer, it manages data & information that happen between website & browser. Have you seen the HTTP? You might be seen this many times when you searching for any site in the tab. HTTP means hypertext transfer protocol, this is just an application protocol where data gathered communication across WWW. After this, the latest version included by adding S in the HTTP as HTTPS. S is nothing it is that for what you know about yes, it is SSL, it added in the HTTP to secure sites.

Did you think? what happens when you browse anything?

You might be thought about this or maybe know already. When you browsing anything in the search bar or chrome, firefox, Mozilla, and others. Your all information sent between the browser and client (web servers). So in that case attackers can track your important information easily if it has not been secure. For that security purpose an SSL certificate issues or uses. How will you feel if your all-important data will keep secure? Of course, you will feel free to browse anything over the internet. SSL certificate secure and safe your all crucial information such as card details, login information, social security passwords, and others.

What are the reasons for having an SSL certificate?

Reason for having SSL

There are many reasons for having an SSL certificate for any websites. You can generate an SSL certificate from Hostinger and other hosting provider companies.

  • It secures all transactions of the customer that they do while browsing.
  • SSL gives you sure to keep safe your data between visitors and servers.
  • It is said by Google, it is one of the major factors of search engine ranking.
  • If your website is not secure so the customer will not stay long on your site. In that case, he might go back and switch off that tab he had opened.
  • Protect from the cyber attackers.
  • Improves conversion rates also.

How does SSL certificate work?

how does SSL work

When you have connected with the website using SSL to secure your site. A copy sends by the server of SSL certificate then browser checks the certificate after checking under certification authority it allows. Now all the encrypted data has been transmitted between the server and the client.

How to get a free SSL certificate?

The certificate should be issued under the provision of trusted certification authority. Many companies offer SSL certificates & Hostinger is one of them. To get the Hostinger SSL certificate activation you need to choose hosting plans. You will get a free SSL certificate Hostinger in mostly every hosting plan. But also Hostinger offers you a cheap SSL certificate to make your website safe.

Buy Comodo SSL Hostinger at $7.49 for 1 year or lifetime SSL certificate Hostinger at $11.95. But if you want to buy any hosting plan you use Hostinger Promo Code to save money. On hosting plan you will get a free SSL certificate included in the plan you purchases.