As you know smartphones save your time but, it also comes with the risk. Many times you face some issue and think about whether your phone is hacked by someone? So in this case, you need some Code to check if Phone is Hacked or not. It helps a lot to identify who is receiving your calls or msg instead of you. 

How to Check if Your Phone is Hacked?

How to Check if Your Phone is Hacked

The main question is how to discover that is your phone is hacked or not? Now in this article, we are providing several Methods to help you. It means if the phone is tapped then you can remove the Hacker from the Phone.

Unnecessary Msg and Calls happen

It is the most common issue when your Phone gets tapped. Constantly check the Phone if any Call or Msg send without your permission, it means someone is doing this activity. This happens to get information and listen to the calls or read msg of another person.

Decrease the battery of Device

The decrease in battery has two reasons. If the battery of the Phone is running for many years then it may be a Technical issue. But in case if Battery is new and gets affected then the device may be caused or tapped by the Prying eyes.

Unwanted Pop-ups Sound

When the Phone gets hacked then, all-time time Pop-ups sounds appear on the Phone. These are not important msg and even lots of Ads come while Streaming. These are the signs that the Phone gets hacked but if you are not sure. Then, you have to look at the Number to Dial to see if your Phone is Hacked.

Changes may take place in your device 

You can easily find out if someone tapped your phone. Watch every piece of information on your phone and read each text msg you receive. Disable setting to avoid leakage of details from the Phone.

Phone can be hanged 

If the Phone gets hanged and stopped working then it may be Hacked by Cyber Hacker. It happens because of the entrance of Malware, Spyware, and Trojans which are like best friends of Hackers. This is because  Malware helps to leak information and gives control in hands of another person.

Reduce internet data rapidly

Hacking leads to a reduction in internet data. These are the basic methods that are useful to every SmartPhone and Internet User. This is the sign to show that someone has access to your device and your Data gets misused.

What to dial to see if your Phone is Hacked?

Code to see if your Phone is Hacked

Different numbers or codes are available to solve the different types of hacking issues. Now read this article and know how to find out who Tapped your Phone?. These digits are not long as the Phone Number. The Code is simple starts with the * and ends with the #. 

Code for Conditional Call Forwarding 


Now you can tell anyone that *#61# is my Phone Hacked Code. If your Code To Check if Phone is Hacked Android or iPhone does not get the response and no call or msg comes or sent from your phone. Then you can dial *#61# to enable this setting. After this, your Phone becomes able to alert you about each Call and Msg.


Conditional Call Forwarding may happen if you are busy on-call and deduct another call. Then a third person can attend Call and Misuse to steal the information. To avoid the risk, make a call on the numbers which are suggested in this article. 

Code for Redirection – *#62#

*#62# Code comes in use when the Calls and Msg get Redirected to another one. Enable this setting and this is the basic way to remove the Hacker from your Phone. If you are facing any of these issues then dial now and it gets deactivated. 

Code for Diversion – *#21#

If someone is receiving your Calls and Msg then use the *#21# USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) Code. This Number is useful to delete all your history. It disables the setting and does not allow anyone to pick your Call or msg even when you are busy on another Call. 

Some Numbers do not help you and show an error because they are not working due to some reasons. Or it may not support the devices. So, don’t waste your time dialing these Codes. 

Code for IMEI(International Mobile Equipment Identity) – *#02#

Each mobile user gets their separate IMEI from the Mobile company. So, keep this number safe and even learn it. It uses when your Phone gets stolen. So, when you take help from the Police then dial this Code *#02# and Enters the IMEI Number. Then, it shows the location of the person who has stolen the device. Use IMEI Code and trace the Location of the Hacker of Android or iPhone user. 

Code for Utility Netmonitor

Choose any of the Codes for the Utility Netmonitor. If these numbers work then it gives you every detail of your Phone. After dialing these Codes on Android and the iPhone. This also gives you information on the live location of the Phone. We have provided you the list of the Code to Unhack the Hackers

Code to check if Android Phone is Hacked – Utility Netmonitor

  • *#*#4636#*#* – Not working on Android & iPhone 
  • *#*#197328640#*#* – Not working on Android & iPhone

Number to dial to see if your Phone is tapped iPhone – Utility Netmonitor

  • *3001#12345#* – Not working Android & iPhone 
  • *3001#12345# – Not working Android & iPhone

How to find out who monitored the Phone?

*#004# is the best Code to check if Phone is tapped 2023. Other Codes which we are discussing above help to make a setting to protect from Hacking. But the *#004# helps to find out who tapped the Phone. It provides the details of the person who is receiving Calls and Msg instead of you. This is the amazing code that helps to discover the information of the Third Person. 

How Code gets work to Remove Hacker from Phone?

As you can see, different codes are available for each issue faced by the Phone users. And when you dial these Codes, it does not ring a bell or no one can receive your call. It does not work like the real call which you do with someone else. 

In simple words, you just have to dial the Code. After this, the company automatically Cancels or makes the setting in the activities done by the Android or iPhone. 

Why does your Phone or any other Device gets Hacked?

Because of many reasons, hackers tend to hack the Device. This activity leads to Cyber Crime in the future. That’s why people want to Code To Check if Phone is Hacked or Tapped

  1. Hackers want to hack your Phone to Steal the details or Information
  2. They want to change the logging password of the Phone or Apps
  3. Hacker can be your competitor so, they want to Access and watch your Activities
  4. As we are living in a Cashless world, it means everyone contains their Bank Details, Account Numbers on the Phone. So, they can steal Online Money also. 

How to secure your iPhone by using Code?

Nowadays lots of opportunities are available to protect the details of the device. People use them when they don’t know about the Code to disable some settings. These techniques are helpful to alert from other types of hacking also where Code does not work. 

  • Uninstall or Remove Unnecessary Files to protect devices or information from Cyber Threats. 
  • Clean cache time-to-time helps you to remove Unwanted Files and Malicious sites.
  • Set up Antivirus software on Android and iPhone is useful to Secure the Phone from Malware. It has a reason behind Removing or Killing the Malware. This is because Sometimes Hackers send Malware or Spyware with the help of E-mail. After this, Hackers can easily get access to control and change the Password of your Phone.
  • Change the Password of the Phone and the Important Apps after a certified period.

Turn off the auto connectivity of Public Wi-Fi. It is not safe to log on to any app which needs an E-mail or Password for verification. If you are by chance using the Public Wi-Fi then use it only for watching movies or listening to Songs.

Can your Phone get Hacked with the help of a Mobile Number?

Yes, your Mobile Number is the best way to Hack the Phone. You may also know that a Phone Number is required in almost all fields. Whether you have to create a Social Media Account or the Bank Account. So, Mobile numbers play a great role for Hackers or Cyber Threats. To protect these details, you can use the Code to check the iPhone is Hacked 2023. These numbers can also check the Hackers of the Android

Final Verdict

Phone or any device can be get hacked easily. So, we have solved the problem of what to dial to see if your phone is hacked? Now use all the Codes which we have provided above. These are useful Numbers to secure yourself from future uncertainty or risk. 

Frequently Asked Question

How can I Check my IMEI Number?

It is simple to know about the International Mobile Equipment Number. Just dial the *#06# Code and get your IMEI number and learn or write it somewhere else. 

Can Someone Hack my Phone and Read my Text?

As you know technology goes on a high level. Everything becomes possible and anyone can access or control your device. They can easily listen to your Call Logs or even read the text msg.