Clip Studio Paint Vs Photoshop:- Which is the best graphic editing and illustration software is the biggest query for a newbie. Both are fine editing and graphic designing software that offers you excellent features. But, you cannot use both of them at a time. So, find the best one from the head-to-head comparison of Clip Studio Paint Vs Photoshop 2023.

Clip Studio Paint Vs Photoshop:- OverView

Clip Studio Paint is artist-friendly software to create a masterpiece. The Company was introduced in Japan as Comic Studio. It was launched in 2001 by Celsys a Japanese graphics software. Later in 2007, the company hit the market of the US as Manga Studio. The software is designed for comic creators. Now the company builds its own space in the market. First, the software is used only to create black and white art with the color spots. But now the company gives you all the amazing effects in a single software. With this, you can create catchy comics, animation, manga art, illustration, etc.

Photoshop is one of the most popular software of Adobe. The software is significantly used since 1990. This one is excellent software used by the artist to edit images or to add magnificent effects.  In this, you will get extensive editing features and effects. First, the software is only used according to its name to edit photos. But now, the software is used for virtual development and concept art.

Comparison of Clip Studio Paint Or Photoshop

Comparison of both software is made based on its features, prices, effects, etc. Let’s compare CSP and Photoshop features.

Interface:- Winner Photoshop

Clip Studio Paint Vs Photoshop Interface

The Interface of Photoshop is easier as compared to the Clip Studio Paint. It is organized relatively clean and easy to understand. All the tools, brushes, shapes, and many other features are designed in a compartment. You can easily choose your desired feature according to your want.

You can easily adjust the size of your brushes through easy-to-read sliders. With this, you can create a clear surface. All the features and tools are mentioned on the left side and layers you can easily manage from the right side. A beginner can easily understand its features in a few days.

Clip Studio Paint offers you the same type of brushes and colors. But the canvas of CSP is small than the PS. When you compare both you will find many of the similarities. But still, Photoshop is the best when you compare its interface.

Features- Clip Studio Paint Is Winner

Clip Studio Paint Vs Photoshop Comparison

The general public is familiar with Photoshop and many of them use it for editing images. But in recent years the software is used for animation and drawing. It offers handy features to its provider. You can easily edit the background or remove it. For sketching, drawing, etc you will get handy tools. You can easily customize multiple layers at a time. It offers you all the welcoming features that are manageable.

But when you want to get the best artist features then you have another software too. Clip Studio Paint is the best astonishing software and tool, provider. It gives you complete comic and artistic features that make your editing simple. With different canvases, brushes, G-Pen, real pencils, etc you will get many features. Multiple canvases to create a comic amazingly.

Details color wheel detailed with multiple colors to opt for the best. If you do a standard comparison between both software then you will get more features in Clip Studio Paint compared to Photoshop.

So here Clip Studio Paint Vs Photoshop Features Comparison Clip Studio Art is a winner.

Which software is Easy to use Clip Studio Paint Or Photoshop?

In both software, you can find many features, tools, and interface differences. But finding the easiest one for artists, especially for the beginner is a priority.

Clip Studio Paint is easy to manage. With the help of its tutorial, you can manage this software. Its features and tools are manageable. Brushes are easy to use and give you a clean stroke. A different variant of brushes like dry brushes, painting brushes, airbrushes, effects, and blenders.

If you are a beginner then you do not need any kind of artistic software management knowledge. You can simply get familiar with its features in a few hours if you own it.

Photoshop takes time to get familiar with its features. It is a nice choice for the professional but a beginner might have to think twice before buying it. The software is best for photo editing but it takes the rest of the time to learn digital art.

Photoshop is a versatile software. It is a powerful application and needs a powerful device. In the latest device, photoshop works effectively but in the oldest one, you are going to struggle.

Or In Clip Studio Paint you can use this software on any kind of device.

Verdict:- Clip Studio Paint is easy to manage software as compared to Photoshop. Whether you are a beginner or professional it doesn’t matter you can easily manage this software through its tutorial.

Similarity Of Clip Studio Paint Vs Photoshop Tools

Photoshop Vs Clip Studio Paint Comparison

Tools are the main accessories when an artist selects software. So, Either select CSP or PS you will find many similar tools to create illustration, manga, art, drawing, etc. It is an easy-to-use software that offers you excellent painting features. Many similar tools like Selection tools, crop & slice tools, measuring tools, painting tools, retouching, drawing, navigation, etc. Most of the features are similar. It’s a tie between both the software.

Does Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop provide similar plugins?

Photoshop is catering editing software for a long time and it knows the requirement of the users. It offers excellent features and plugins to make your editing faster and easy. In this, you will get a range of brushes that is quite tough to find in the Clip Studio Paint.

Clip Studio Paint provides you a handful, features, OtherSide photoshop offers you thousands of multiple plugins. The plugins are developed by experts and they know that what you want.

Verdict:- Photoshop is Winner, If you are finding editing software that is full of plugins that are easy to use then Photoshop is an excellent choice for you.

Which one can you afford? Clip Studio Paint Vs Photoshop Prices

Clip Studio Paint Vs Photoshop Prices

Most of the Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop features are the same. But what about the prices.

Is this question striking in your mind? What I Am asking!

Sure, You are desperate to know the price difference between Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop.

In short, Photoshop is expensive and Clip Studio Paint is reasonable for buyers. In Clip Studio Paint you will get two different options Clip Studio Paint Pro or Ex.

Photoshop Cost $20/mo* with all the premium features. You can make it reasonable with the PhotoShop Discount Code.

Clip Studio Paint Has two different software and each costs a different price. Clip Studio Paint Pro costs $4.99/mo* and Ex Costs $8.99/mo*. If you don’t want to get this software for a month then you have another option of a lifetime subscription. With the Clip Studio Paint One Time Purchase option, you can buy it on a budget. The one-time subscription is reasonable if you apply the Clip Studio Paint discount code. The CSP Pro Cost $49.99 and Ex Cost $219.99 One time shop cost.

Which offers the better support services? Clip Studio Paint or Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop offers you 24/7 support services. Through a phone call, forum, live chat, email, etc you can connect with its team easily. Photoshop video tutorial is amazing and you can easily learn how to operate this software excellently.

Clip Studio Chat and email services are a bit slow. Its responding time is not so good. But in its tutorial section, you will get an easy learn tutorial about painting, comics, manga., illustration, etc.

But Still, the response time of the Photoshop team is far better than the CSP.

Which is the best software for animation? Clip Studio Paint Or Photoshop Animation

If you find software that is best for the animation then Clip Studio Paint is best. Because the software is designed to create animated painting and drawing. Photoshop is good for editing photos or creating illustrations.

Clip Studio Paint Vs Photoshop:- Which one is the best Software?

Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop are used for editing or creating images, painting, drawing. Both are masters in their work.


If you are finding software for comic creation, animation, illustration, manga art, or drawing and painting then Clip Studio Paint is the right choice for you.

On the other side if you only want photo Editing software Photoshop is the best.

But in this Friendly Battle of Clip Studio Paint Vs Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint is a winner because of its easy-to-use features and friendly prices. Also, you can check Clip Studio Paint Vs Corel Painter to know which one is better between them.