A digital artist is only as good as the software they are using. Even the skills of professional artists cease to exist in the absence of their preferred drawing software. & beginners also need painting software to support their needs. More often artists end up making bad art just because the software they are using is not suitable for their needs.

Artists worldwide are often in need of digital painting software which is easy to use & offers the best functions. It really is a journey, when digital artists end up trying different painting software, still not being satisfied & looking for a better one. In this article, we are going to tell you about the comparison between Clip Studio Paint vs Corel Painter with their best features.

About Clip Studio Paint & Corel Painter

Before we start measuring the pros & cons of Clip Studio Paint, we need to first understand the difference between Clip Studio Paint vs Corel Painter. Both of these software is superior to others in the market & are able to provide the best features along with a comfortable user experience. Any digital artist who knows what they’re looking for only needs to know what this software is able to offer & choosing one wouldn’t be a big deal at all. 

So before we battle out the features of Corel painter vs clip studio paint, we should first get to know what this digital painting software stands for & what they offer, along with their area of expertise.

Corel painter

Corel Painter is one of the leading digital painting software worldwide. Considered to be the best painting tool for making art by many artists, Corel painter has always enjoyed a top place as it is preferred by everyone in the market. The latest version of Corel Painter comes with an impressively easy-to-use interface with all the tools & features a digital artist needs (more on that later in the article). Something which needs to be taken into consideration about Corel painter is that it is a professional tool. What it offers & what it should be used is directly resonated with professional use. Professional digital artists can often get in a tight spot if the software they’re using can’t support the needs of their clients. Lucky for them Corel painter was created to be the perfect digital painting software for professional use. Another version called Corel painter essential 8 was launched to be more suitable for beginner use. If you want an easy version of Corel painter then you should check out Corel painter essential 8.

Furthermore what Corel painter offers has been a real help to all the digital artists out there.

Its features will be explained below in contrast to clip studio paint.

Clip studio paint 

Clip studio paint is another digital painting software that is loved by artists worldwide. Said to be one of the best painting software out there, with its easy-to-use interface & features. What clip studio paint offers to its users is enough for any digital artist to make use of & make the best art possible to their skills. 

Clip studio paint is more suited for beginner use. It is directed in such a way to be easy to use & it is always the preferred digital software for beginner digital artists. From a beginner’s perspective, clip studio paint is budget-friendly, offers full features & contains all the necessary tools (brushes & frames) needed to make an art piece equal to the skill set of the artist.

Which one is better between Corel Painter vs Clip Studio Paint?

Clip studio paint vs Corel painter is a debate where both sides are perfect, but artists are often the ones who suffer as they aren’t sure which one to choose.

This article contains all the information you need to make you choose a software where you can make your best art possible & also another edition to the debate of Corel painter vs clip studio paint.

Choosing a digital painting software: Corel painter vs clip studio paint

Choosing a digital painting software: Corel painter vs clip studio paint

While both Corel painter & clip studio paint are the best in the business, they are also the best painting software for what they can bring to their users. For this software, the potential doesn’t just end with what the artist is capable of doing, but it pushes the artist further through the features it offers. All the options present whenever an artist decides to make art is an invitation for all the users to evolve as an artist & further expand their skill set. 

While you may have gotten a better idea about which digital painting software you need to use, the debate of Corel painter vs clip studio paint still needs to happen. 

To give you a better understanding of this two painting software, we have compared them below in the article, based on how they benefit you. After reading all that we are sure that you would know which software is best for you Clip Studio Paint vs Corel Painter.

Which is the most suitable for beginners? – Corel Painter vs CSP

While the world of digital artists is filled with people whose art is limited because of the limitations of their digital painting software, another part of the artist population can’t make good content as they don’t know how to. Artists who are just beginning to explore the world of digital art are still not comfortable with using any painting software as most artists have never made art digitally.

Beginner artists require an easy to understand painting software on which they know how to make art. Software is often divided between the category of amateur & professional. Professional artists require resources that are somewhat high quality & complicated, on which it is hard for new artists to make art. Beginner artists require painting software that is easy to use & whose functions are basic compared to professional digital painting software. While the art professional artists would decrease in quality because of the limited resources, beginner artists can use this software to understand how to make digital art & flourish according to their pace.

While Corel painter is the tool of a professional artist it may not be suitable for every artist out there, especially new ones. Since Corel painter focuses more on providing for professionals, it fails to be beginner-friendly. As a beginner, if you end up using Corel painter, you can still make good art but you’ll still be operating on software designed for artists with a higher skill set than you, it will surely decrease the quality of your art.

If you’re a beginner in the world of digital art then you should opt for clip studio paint as it is more beginner-friendly & easy to understand. Through the use of clip studio paint, you can understand how to make digital art & can move on towards knowing how other intricate functions work. 

Which Provides Better Interface? – Corel Painter vs Clip Studio Paint

Having an interface that contributes toward a better user experience can really help software. An interface is a connection/interaction between the user, software & hardware. Interfaces are constantly updated & improved to support the users.

For digital painting software, it is required to have an easy-to-understand & comfortable interface. Having a bad interface results in artists being unable to make art opting for painting software with a better interface.

If you are looking for the best interface between Corel painter & clip studio paint, then you don’t really need to compare anything as both of them host user-friendly interfaces. Corel painters always focus on their user experience. In every single one of their updates, users always end up with a better version than before. Always improving its performance, Corel painter also offers a dark theme that presents its users with an even better interface. The interface at Corel painter is easy to understand, and even new artists are able to use Corel Painter, but at the same time, they also find functions & features which they aren’t able to understand as Corel painter is a professional digital painting software.

Clip studio paint also presents to its users an interface that is both easy & comfortable to use. Just like Corel painter, clip studio paint offers a dark theme, which upgrades the interface & further enhances the user experience. Letting them organize their toolbar & easier access to brushes, frames & other tools.

When it comes to the interface both Corel painter & clip studio paint are equal in being the best painting software out there. The only thing which should matter to you is that when using Corel painter you have access to functions & features which can be a little hard to use for beginners & amateurs.

Who Has Better Tools & Brushes Options? – Clip Studio Paint vs Corel Painter 

Tools & Brushes of Clip Studio Paint vs Corel Painter

For any digital artist, the availability & quality of painting tools is extremely important. Digital painting software already makes it hard for artists to convey their skills on screens. Software without any good tools, textures, colors, frames, brushes pretty much means artists not being able to make good art. At the same time, the availability of these resources can help artists in making better art.

When it comes to painting resources, both Corel painter & clip studio paint do pretty much the same when it comes to providing for their users, but there are still differences.

Corel painter is a well-made software that is impressive from every angle. When it comes to painting tools it offers a variety in every section for the artists, whether it is tools, brushes, texture options, color editing options, frames, filters & layer control enhancement options.

There are over 900+ brush options, all suited to support every vision you ever have. Pushing your art to the next level, Corel painter also has an AI system that can help you in your art. With multiple toolkits available for you, Corel painter is a reliable software from which you can make sure that you are making the best art.

Clip studio paint is also similar to its rival when it comes to painting tools. It offers multiple tools & features, exploring which artists will always know what to do. Clip studio paint also offers an AI program that ends up enhancing the user experience. Aside from being extremely easy to use, a lot of the functions of a clip studio end up doing your job in making good art.

In terms of tools & resources, both Corel painter & clip studio paint are equal. Both of them provides a wide range of advanced features through which you can control your digital canvas & make art

Pricing Comparison Between Clip Studio Paint vs Corel Painter

How much a software cost ends up determining how many users it will get. While both Corel painter & clip studio paint doesn’t cost much, comparing them is a big part of determining which one is better.

Clip studio paint offers two plans for its users. The clip studio paint ex is usually used by people who work on manga art, comic art, and animation. It costs around $219 & it is a one-time purchase. The second offer is for clip studio paint pro which is often used by artists who work on character art, concept art & illustrations, it costs around $49.99 which is a one-time payment. You can use the Clip Studio Paint coupon code to get this software at an affordable price.

Corel Painter also offers two plans for its customers. Corel painter 2022 works best for paintings on windows & MAC, it costs around $51.86 for the full plan. The second plan called painter essential 8 is best for beginners & new learners, it costs around $8.

While talking about how much these painting software costs, there is no software better than any as they both offer different plans based on the needs of the artists. Through these plans, you can easily choose according to your needs.

Another thing you need to know is that both of these painting software offers a pro version of themselves on which the features get so advanced that your art will reach another level.

Which Software Has Better Customer Service? – Corel Painter vs Clip Studio Paint

How a user is received by the customer service department is a big deal. While a positive experience can increase trust & loyalty, a negative experience is enough to make an artist give up one software & start looking for another. Customer service is something that everyone needs, making it extremely important for companies to take notice of how they treat their users & improve to suit the queries of their clients.

Both Corel painter & clip studio paint are pretty good at taking care of their customers, by offering 24/7 customer care. Users in need can always talk to the people at Corel painter & clip studio paint, whether it is sending an email or checking how they are received at the direct chat support.

It is certain that when it comes to customer service in the Corel painter vs clip studio paint, the only winners are the artists who are using them as both of this painting software cares about the people who are using them.

Which Has An Easy Installation Process? – Corel Painter vs Clip Studio Paint

While both Clip Studio Paint vs Corel Painter has different installation processes, both are easy to do.

Based on your internet connection installing Corel painter can take around a few minutes to half an hour. It requires a downloader tool that can receive files & then sets them up. The setup is easy to manage & can be handled by anyone with basic knowledge

Clip studio paint is also very easy to install. It requires around 2GB and 8GB RAM on windows, MAC, or IOS for the best performance, along with an internet connection to verify you as a user.


While there can never be an official winner between these two digital painting software, artists should just choose software that is suitable to their skills & vision. 

Hope that this article could help you in knowing about these software & which one is better between Clip Studio Paint vs Corel Painter for you.