Clip Studio Paint is widely used for creating amazing Concept Art for Painting, Character Art, and Drawing Manga Animations. So today we will discuss Clip Studio Paint Pros and Cons in deep to know its benefits and drawbacks. The software application of Clip Studio Paint is compatible and available for Windows, macOS, iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, Android, and Chromebook.

About Clip Studio Paint 2023

Clip Studio Paint Software

Clip Studio Paint is an application developed by Celsys, a Japanese graphics software company, in the earlier days. In North America, it was popularly marketed and was known as Magna Studio and Kurisuta was its name in Japan.

The software offers free trials before purchase and comes with two versions, Pro Versions and Ex Version. It is a highly in-demand program among the Manga and Comic industry. Clip studio paint is one of the best in the market for making great digital paintings and drawings. With its advanced options for comics and manga, it is becoming one of the best options For digital painters. The best thing about CSP is they never disappoint their customers whether it is features or discount offers. They provide various Clip Studio Paint coupon code from time to time that makes it more affordable for you.

Clip Studio Paint Pros And Cons

Below here you can easily read the pros and cons of Clip Studio Paint Software. It will surely help you to make a wise decision about its purchasing.


  • Ease of Drawing
  • Variety of Comic Tools for Free
  • Advance Vector Layer Kit
  • 2D and 3D Animation
  • Animation Mode
  • Frame By Frame Animation
  • Story Mode
  • AI Technology
  • Option of Dark Theme


  • Animation Do Not Support Audio
  • Complicated Keybinding
  • Insufficient Text and Fonts
  • Insufficient Text and Fonts
  • Insufficient Text and Fonts
  • Pro and Ex Prices Varies A Lot


Huge Variant of Brushes: Brushes are one of the most important tools to create designs. Hence the software gives you exactly that freedom to create your customize brushes according to your demand. You can even choose from the large varieties of pre-set brushes that are already there.

Ease of Drawing: The advantage of Clip Studio Paint as a drawing and painting application is ease or flexibility. Its easy-to-use tools and features help create amazing and professional artworks hence CSP is widely preferred over other software.

Variety of Comic Tools for Free: It has a variety of free-to-use features for comics creations like patterns, panel layout, comic tones, and so on.

Advance Vector Layer Kit: This feature helps in rectifying errors at the same time keeping the quality unaffected, it also helps in providing touch-ups and customizing
mistakes making the work function.

2D and 3D Animation: Clip studio paint provides enough features and tools for creating a proper, effective, and customized 2D animation. It is the only software that has the most attractive feature of 3D animation.

More Pros Of Clip Studio Paint 2023

Animation Mode: This special feature helps create animation in Tapas and is also way cheaper. It also helps create animation in a story form by providing2MB and up. While working on such a digital painting app you may wonder can drawing tablets work on Chromebooks or any other PC device?

Frame By Frame Animation: In Clip Studio Paint, both the versions Pro and Ex are designed to provide frame by frame animation experience for creators. However, the Pro version still provides only a limited of 24 frames for animation, which is good to go for small or simple projects. The Ex versions provide the user with unlimited frames to explore the joy of creating great animations.

Story Mode – It is an additional feature for comic creators. By using this creators can see through all their created pages and episodes.

AI Technology – The Clip Studio Paint comes with modern Artificial Intelligence Technology and it is so much of a relief for a creator. it can automatically perform every function easily from coloring your animation to coloring your painting to work efficiently.

Option of Dark Theme: To avoid strain on the eyes of the user, Clip Studio Paint comes with a Dark Theme option which is an added benefit of using the software.


Animation Do Not Support Audio: One of the biggest drawbacks of using Clip Studio Paint is that here you cannot add audio to your content. You can only add audio by using another audio editing software which is indeed trouble for the creators.

Complicated Keybinding: In comparison to other software like Photoshop and Corel, the keybinding of Clip Studio Paint is somewhat strange and difficult and is not much user-friendly at certain points.

Insufficient Text and Fonts: The limited and insufficient Text and Fonts are a very big problem for the content creators. There are many times when only a particular type of font would look good on certain projects when someone is not being able to achieve that, which can be a turn down on the users’ expectations.

Extensive or Vast Interface: In Clip Studio Paint, beginners or new users can face difficulty while setting up everything. It comes with such a vast option of tools and features that users can easily get confused. But with patience, it will get better for sure.
Library Assets are in Japanese: As Clip Studio Paint is developed by a Japanese graphics software company. The library asset of this software is entirely in Japanese the language which makes it complicated to use.

Pro and Ex Prices Varies a Lot: As Clip Studio Paint is paid software and comes with two versions Pro and Ex. There is a $150 difference between the price of both the ex and pro version. It is a hefty amount of money that is hard to pay for new users. But using Clip Studio Paint Coupon Code can be very beneficial to you.

Important Notice

Even though there are many important Clip Studio Paint Pros and Cons that have been discussed above. The end decision is still entirely ours, the content of this article is entirely researched on basis of the experience of Clip Studio Paint users.