When you own a business, along with a website you are also required to have access to a virtual private server. Also known as VPS, a virtual private maintains a separate virtual server for your domain through which multiple users can access your website. Let’s take a jump on another paragraph to quest about whether is cheap 41 VPS deal safe in 2023.

Having a VPS has its own benefits, a requirement for web & domain hosting, it increases your website’s reliability, making your website better you will also experience better performance. A VPS also lets you use your resources effectively towards the growth of your website.

Interface Of VPS

A VPS connection can vary according to its services & the price you are willing to pay. Based on your financial condition you may not be able to pay for a good VPS hosting. In that situation, your alternatives can be shared web hosting or free web hosting. While these options can be applied as they can still benefit your website before you choose a shared or free web hosting you really should take a look at some cheap $1 VPS deals. Varying in price & features there are many different VPS providers in the market, no matter what your budget is you can easily find a VPS that will push your business domain to another level. But before you decide to get a $ 1 VPS, you should first read this article to answer some of the questions that may be coming to your mind.

Reading this article you’ll also have a better idea about which cheap $1 VPS deal is safe for you and your business.

Is $1 VPS reliable for your website?

It is actually not safe to buy a $1 VPS plan as a lot of providers out there are not able to do a good job providing a VPS for just $1, this negatively affects your business. When looking for a cheap $1 VPS what you need is a moment to search for a good VPS is $1. Going through different providers you can compare them and then make sure that you are getting the best $1 VPS deal for your website.

Below we have compiled a list of some of the best cheap VPS deals in 2023, while we are sure that your ideal VPS is below, we still want you to take a look & choose for yourself & your domain.

Best cheap $1 VPS deals 2023

We have mentioned the cheap $1 VPS Deals with the exclusive features. Read the best cheap VPS list below:


Racknerd is a crucial member of the $1 VPS community, known for its efficient VPS service which has handled many domains in the past. The monthly subscription for Racknerd VPS IS $1.92 & in that you will get a DDoS-protected network, RAID10 protected storage, premium low latency network, a network that is optimized for use in Asia & Racknerd is easy to setup.

Racknerd is one of the finest & cheapest VPS providers in the market, if you decide to choose this provider then you won’t be making a mistake. 

Host Namaste 

Host namaste provides VPS service at a cheap price of $1.95 per month. This provider has been earning more and more users worldwide as it can greatly increase the success of a domain. Being on a host namaste subscription you will get CloudLinuxOS, LiteSpeed Web Server, Immunity AV Scanner, Plesh Obsidian Panel & 24/7 tech support for users.

Host namaste offers reliable services which are all a new website could require.

Cloud VPS hosting 

As a VPS provider cloud VPS hosting stays away from the cheap $1 VPS category and still ends up being a reliable VPS provider. It offers multiple plans which range from $1.49 to $2.99. With cloud VPS hosting you will get one of the best VPS services for your website & your business will surely benefit from this VPS.

With cloud VPS hosting you will get 8 GB of RAM, a minimum of 128 GB of storage & backups to ensure that your data stays safe.


Offers small, medium & large subscriptions which are cheapest at $1.80. With more updates available at the cheapest you will get 20 GB OF disk space, 4TB of bandwidth, 2GB of ram memory, 1 CPU core & monthly backups to ensure that your data will not be lost.

Best cheap 5 VPS deals similar to Cheap $1 VPS deals

You can surely take a $1 VPS subscription & run your business with it, but if you are looking for any upgrades, you don’t need to go any further financially as there are a lot of other cheap VPS that while may not be cheap $1 VPS, they are quite similar to them. Being just a little more expensive than a $1 VPS, they end up being way better than.

Below we have compiled a list of the 5 best cheap VPS deals which are similar to cheap $1 VPS deals.


Founded in 2004, this VPS provider has established itself in the market. With more than 29 million users worldwide, like a VPS provider, Hostinger always stays on the list of one of the best VPS providers in the market.

With 20 GB SSD storage, it has 1 GB RAM with 1 TB core & 1 TB bandwidth.

Hostinger truly takes care of your domain & grows it over time benefiting your business. 


Launched in 2004, hosting24 is a reliable VPS provider which has its own loyal user base. Currently, it has merged with Hostinger & is one of the best VPS in the market.

Users of Hosting24 get 20 GB of HDD storage, a simple panel, with 1 GB RAM, 1 TB bandwidth/open to visitors, & 1vCPU cores. Apart from these primary functions it also provides a dedicated IP4V & IP6V for root access.


Originally introduced as plexihost it changed its name to HostMantis in 2010. This VPS provider is known for its affordable services. 

It gives 25 GB of SSD/HDD storage, not offering any panel, it gives 1 GB RAM, 2 TB of bandwidth with visitors allowed. It also has a 1VcoreCPU. Users will also get additional features like Blesta, DDOS protection & daily backups.


OVHcloud is available in 180+ countries, being in the market since 1999, OVHcloud is capable of uplifting any domain & being a reliable VPS provider.

It has a storage of 40 GB SSD, it doesn’t provide any panel but it has a RAM of 2 GB, with unlimited bandwidth & a 1vcore, there is also 24/7 monitoring & 99.9% uptime for your website. 


This US-based VPS provider has served over 400k users till now. Being one of the most promising VPS providers Dreamhost provides 30 GB HDD storage, 1 GB RAM, a Dreamhost panel with unlimited bandwidth.

Maybe you got which have explained about is cheap $1 VPS deal safe but, along with it, enhance your knowledge with Interserve 1 cent VPS hosting in 2023.


All of the above VPS providers can be the support your website needs. All that’s left to do now is for you to choose which VPS provider will be taking care of your domain. While the above-mentioned VPS are amazing at what they do, their effectiveness lies in how they are used. If you are unsure about the success of your website even after using these VPS, then you should take some more time & you should do a cheap $1 VPS Deals trial. Most VPS providers offer free trials for people who want a demo. You should try these out if you want the best for your domain.