PC is the most affordable gadget after the mobile and it needs security too. PC of the users contains many information like important passwords, bank details, and other personal information also. VPN is the best way to hide such types of critical details from the eyes of hackers. A virtual private network help to give privacy to your online work but it also charges high prices. It goes out of budget for some people. So, users need to know which is the best free VPN for PC.  Many companies give free security services also to all the users.

5 Best Free VPN For PC

5 Best Free VPN for PC

Here is a list of the top 5 best free VPN for PC. Now choose which is more secure for your PC.

Hola VPN

A Hola-free virtual private network is easy and safe to use. It gives fast internet service during browsing and sharing files. It easily hides your IP(Internet Protocol) address. Its servers are located in more than 190 countries. Users become anonymous while working on the internet. This software helps to get access to geo-restricted sites. Its paid versions are also pocket-friendly and offer a huge saving on apply of the Hola VPN Deals.


Express VPN is best to use to hide identity on the internet. Express VPNs has a total of 3000 servers in 94 countries. It provides a password facility to keep privacy from cyber threats. DNS features help with fast streaming, downloading, or uploading files. This software provides a kill switch feature which helps to give more reliable security during any activity done on the internet.


This VPN does not have logs and contains a kill switch feature. Proton VPN helps to block ads which keeps your data safe from malware. With the help of malware, users can easily access your device and can steal information. Proton virtual private network has almost 1238 servers which are located in 55 countries.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield VPN is also useful for privacy while working on the internet. But its speed is too slow and limited data usage facility. You can also stream videos, songs and browse privately. This security feature also helps you to play games that are banned in your country. Proton virtual private network has 115 servers in 80 countries to connect VPN anywhere.

Surshark VPN

Surfshark virtual private networks help to browse and stream privately. This software has a kill switch, ads blocker, and private IP addresses to give privacy while working on the internet. Users can install this app on a PC or any other device because it is suitable for almost all gadgets.

Is free VPN any good?

Free VPN is like having security but not provides proper privacy. It is like “something is better than nothing”. Free VPN for PC or any other devices is less secure when you compared it with their paid versions.

Does VPN is lifetime free for PC?

No, the virtual private network is not free for a lifetime. As we have provided the list of the top 5 VPN for PC. In this list, Hola VPN is free for 3 days and another VPN company gives their free version only for up to 30 days. But Hola is secure, safe, and easy to use. Its paid version is also affordable when you compared its plans with other VPN software.

Why VPN company offer a free version?

Top 5 VPN For PC

Virtual private network company provides their free version in form of trial or moneyback guarantee. These trial or free version helps the users to get satisfied with the privacy service. But remind one thing, free versions have fewer privacy features as paid VPN companies. It saves the money of the users because if users are not satisfied with the trial. Then they do not need to purchase and waste money on a particular virtual private network company.

Which free VPN service is best?

Almost all security software are the best and all are providing free trial or moneyback guarantee scheme. But if you asked me then I suggest you Hola VPN app. It is a secure VPN and most important things if you want to get more security then you can easily afford it. Its plans come in budget and you can enjoy the best features at minimum price.