Various industries are now relying on CAD programs to create product 3D designing, simulating, and printing. Hence, It is no surprise to find so many computer-aided design programs in the market. As the market is full of various 3D CAD applications, people find it hard to choose the best suitable program for themselves. Hence, we are providing you a list of the best computer-aided design software so you can get a CAD program to fulfill your requirements.

But before we share the list, let’s know what exactly computer-aided software is.

What Is Computer-Aided Design Software?

Computer-aided design software commonly known as CAD software which is used by designers and engineers to create 2D & 3D models of physical components. Using the best computer-aided program helps businesses to drafts construction, documentation, visualization through photorealistic rendering and simulation to see how the product will perform in the real world.

What Is The Best Computer-aided Design Software?

As mentioned earlier, You can various CAD programs on the internet but not every program offers what they actually claim. To help you with that, we are providing you a CAD software list that offers all the industry-standard features to designers and engineers.


You can’t start your best CAD program list without the industry leaders and one of them is AutoCAD. Designed by Autodesk is one of the widely used CAD programs. Since its launch in 1982 with a desktop version, it has come a long way and with continuous updates, it now offers a wide array of features along with a mobile app that is available since 2010.

AutoCAD Best CAD software

A wide range of industries including engineering, architecture, and graphic designers used AutoCAD worldwide. Manufacturing businesses use AutoCAD from product modeling to simulation. It is best known for its 2D modeling capabilities but it does offer 3D parametric modeling.

What Are The Main Features And Benefits Of Autocad Software?

  • Drafting, annotate, 2D & 3D designing with solids, surfaces, and mesh objects
  • AutoCAD offers task automation such as comparing drawing, counting, adding blocks, scheduling, etc.
  • You can customize your workflow by adding add-on apps and APIs.
  • AutoCAD provides you with many specialized toolsets including architecture toolset, mechanical toolset, electrical toolset, etc.
  • You can share a controlled copy of your project with your colleagues to provide them access wherever they are.

How Much Does It Cost Autocad?

AutoCAD offers three subscription plans that we have below mentioned for your reference.

Monthly PlanAnnual PlanThree-Year Plan
$220/Month$1,775/Annual$4,795/ 3-Years

This is the pricing of AutoCAD software that you should pay to use it. If you buy it during AutoCAD Black Friday, you can also save some bucks on it.


Solidworks designed by Dassault Systèmes has been offering its industry-standard CAD features for over 25 years. This is one of the trusted computer-aided software that offers intuitive 3D designing and product development solutions. Solidworks enables its users to conceptualize, create, validate, communicate, manage and transform their ideas into a great product design. 

Solidworks Top Computer-aided program

This one of the best computer-aided design programs were designed to keep in mind a broader range of industries including industrial equipment, architecture, and various other sectors. The learning curve is quite steep that requires extensive training to make the most of this CAD software.

What Are The Major Features Of Solidworks?

  • Enables its users to create accurate 2D drawings and 3D models of complex parts and assemblies without spending much time.
  • Solidworks is a cloud-based CAD program that securely saves your data on clouds that you can access anywhere and anytime.
  • With the powerful browser-based design of Solidworks, team members can design from anywhere while connecting remotely.
  • A proven CAD solution called DraftSight offers you productivity and compatibility to efficiently create, edit, view, and markup 2D and 3D designs.
  • You can easily create your electrical schematics into a 3D model.

What Is The Price Of Solidworks?

You can get Solidworks by spending a one-time fee of $3.995.

Fusion 360

Fusion 360 is also designed by Autodesk but the major difference but AutoCAD is that it is a cloud-based CAD software. This web-based CAD program automatically stores the entire model history including the changes into the user’s account that one access anytime. It offers numerous design options including freeform, solid, and mesh modeling.

Fusion 360 Best CAD application

Autodesk frequently updates the Fusion 360, making it one of the best computer-aided design software. It supports a massive range of operating systems making it more accessible anywhere. The user-friendly interface provides all the tools and features at the user’s fingertips making.

Which Features do you get with Fusion 360?

  • You get various comprehensive modeling tools along with analysis methods to ensure the form, fit, and function of the product.
  • It offers a powerful 
  • Fusion 360 is integrated with PCB layout and routing capabilities that enable you to create an accurate electrical design by adding electronic intelligence using schematic design.
  • Fusion 360 enables you to simulate your designs in real-world conditions to see if they can survive.
  • You can add various extensions to get more out of this cloud-based CAD product.

How Much Does Fusion 360 Cost?

Below we have mentioned all the available pricing plans of Fusion 360. Also, if you make your purchase during the Black Friday Fusion 360 deals then you can make your purchase more affordable. As it is the biggest sale of the year that can help you to save a massive amount of money.

Monthly PlanAnnual PlanThree-Year Plan

Final Verdict

We hope this article on the best computer-aided design software will help you make a great choice to bring life to your 3D models and designs. However, it actually depends on the requirements of the user, and to help you that we shared with you these top three CAD programs.