10 Tips That Helps You to Stay Anonymous Online

10 Tips That Helps You to Stay Anonymous Online

The internet has provided a great platform for businesses and social connections. Often, there is a lot of private information that you give out. As such, it is imperative that you maintain your privacy. Apart from private proxy services such as https://instantproxies.com/, other vital tips can help you to enjoy private web browsing. Read on and learn how you can limit your identity and exposure online.

Pretty Good Privacy Software

 10 Tips That Helps You to Stay Anonymous Online

Pretty Good Privacy Software is one of the software’s that guarantees encryption of personal data. It can be used to authenticate data and exchange encrypted information by creating unique signatures. It also uses an efficient technology that allows you to use a private and a public key for encrypting and decrypting information.

Encrypted Emails

Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and Gmail are quite popular email options. On these platforms, there is a lot of information that is shared on these platforms. You can protect your data using popular email encryption email end to end encryption services. Some of the most popular examples of email encryption services include:

  • Hush mail
  • Proton mail
  • Tutanota
  • Guerrilla Mail

Install Email Extensions

You can also install email extension tools used to secure outlook, Gmail and SecureGmail. These help to encrypt and decrypt emails. Some of the popular extensions include Mailvelope. It is a reliable extension that runs on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome among other popular browsers.

Install Browser Extensions

Browser extensions also help you to protect your identity online. HTTPS is a reliable and trusted browser extension that is free and open to use on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera Browsers. Installing such a browser is always a good idea as it protects your privacy and keeps website cookies away.

Use Alternative Search Engines

duck duck go

Using alternative search engines helps you to stay anonymous. They are more private oriented compared to the top and popular search engines. With alternative search engines such as StartPage and DuckDuckGo, you can keep your information private.

Password Manager

Using the same password on all your accounts is a privacy risk. Similarly, using your birth date and pets name is not always advisable. A password manager is an incredible alternative that allows you to effectively use different passwords that are also easy to track. LastPass keeps your information anonymous.

Avoid DropBox

DropBox is a popular storage online device that is used by millions of people across the globe. However, there are other alternative storage and large file transfer that guarantees your privacy. Spiderroak is a highly recommended system that you can use instead of DropBox.


Naturally, TOR or The Onion Router is an incredible network that helps you to stay anonymous. It uses multiple proxies that bounce traffic on different encrypted information before it reaches its destination. TOR has been developed to allow usage of a network that helps individuals and groups to enhance their security and privacy online.


VPN Encryption

Virtual Private Network including BoleVPN is naturally an effective and reliable method that allows you to stay anonymous online. It works by channeling your regular internet usage via a secure tunnel to keep your information private.

RSS Technology

RSS technology is a standardized and simple content distribution system that allows you to stay anonymous online. It is vital, especially if you are sharing vital information on social media platforms, websites, and newscasts and blogs. RSS technology allows you to browse on different platforms without subjecting your private details to public scrutiny.

With RSS technology, there is a lot you can do including keeping up to date with your favorite blogs, following web discussions and staying current with local and global news anonymously.

With these tips, you can browse the internet comfortably without worrying over your privacy or identity.

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